2017 SSST Semifinal: Travis Banks vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (Super Strong Style Tournament Night 3- May 29, 2017)

sabre banks

Anytime you get to this point in a tournament, every match is important but given where these two men are at in their career, this feels all the more important. Sabre is very clearly established on the British independent scene while Banks is rising up the ladder rather quickly. The crowd seems to be behind him too.

No feeling out process as they start trying to strike each other immediately. Sabre is able to focus on the head and neck on Banks. I like the contrast of Sabre getting away from the strike battle and instead trying to wear his opponent down. Sabre would clearly have the advantage in a more mat based match. Banks hits a giant lariat out of the corner. Sabre locks in a guillotine. Banks reverses into a brainbuster. Rana into the triangle. Huge exchange of kicks. Banks goes for another lariat, but this time, Sabre is able to lock him into a cross armbreaker. Powerbomb by Banks. Another penalty kick and sitting powerbomb for two. More strike exchanges. Slice of Heaven connects. Sabre counters a second one into a triangle. Banks just stomps him in the head. Slice of Heaven into the cover and three.

What a tremendously physical. These guys didn’t half ass or shorten anything. These guys left it all in ring, and you’ve got to give Sabre credit for putting Banks over and giving him his best. Banks has every reason to be motivated with everything going on and the level of push he’s receiving. It should say a lot about PROGRESS that they’ve put Banks over first Jimmy Havoc and then Zack Sabre. That’s not half assing a push. Even if he loses in the final, Banks has been put over really strong.

Winner (s)/Rating: Travis Banks/***3/4


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