Number One Contender’s Match: Kay Lee Ray vs. Katey Harvey (Super Strong Style Tournament Night 3- May 29, 2017)

KLR vs. katey harvey.jpg

I’ve seen KLR in a number of places but haven’t seen anything from Harvey. I do like the common sense nature of the booking. Toni Storm became the champion the night before, and now there’s a number one contender’s match. This really isn’t a difficult thing to do everyone.

The PROGRESS crowd really does a good job making viewers understand who the heels and babyfaces are supposed to be.  It’s rather light and breezy as Harvey plays the coward quite well. Her look  and personality reminds me of Portiz Perez. KLR uses some high impact offense as she takes the early control. Harvey focuses on KLR’s arm. KLR comes back with more strikes and nearly locks in a choke. Harvey catches her with a forearm and exploder. KLR begins using some high flying offense, even using a swanton bomb. Into a version of the Koji Clutch. Short clothesline by Harvey connects. Reverse Boston Crab into the Curb Stomp by Harvey. Gory Bomb gets three.

Having never seen Harvey before, I wasn’t sure what we were going to get, but I was genuinely pleased with what I saw from her. KLR is very solid as well, and these two wrestled a really solid match that fit in on this card. This wasn’t the two semifinals but was still very good. They got time and did a lot with it. This was both evenly worked and solidly paced.

Winner (s)/Rating: Kay Lee Ray/***


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