PROGRESS World Championship: Pete Dunne (champion) vs. Jeff Cobb (Super Strong Style Tournament Night 3- May 29, 2017)

dunne cobb.jpg

Dunne goes low as Cobb is being announced. Bell actually rings but Cobb hits a huge belly-to-belly suplex. Cobb tilt a whirls Dunne a bunch before tossing him in a gutwrench suplex. Shit is real. This turns into a big old sprint as they go back and forth. Dunne slows it down as he stomps on Cobb’s knee and kicks his arm out from under him. Cobb uses some of his power offense as well his flippy combination to come back. Back to spring mode until Cobb hits an uppercut/headbutt combination as both men are down. Dunne shoves the official and hits a low blow. Cobb no sells and hits Tour of the Islands. Dunne grabs the bottom rope. DDT and pedigree. Any use of a pedigree by anyone means a *1/4 deduction from here. Dunne only gets two. Dunne German suplexes Cobb and hits a Bitter End for the victory.

Definitely the most enjoyable set of matches I’ve seen from Cobb as Riddle and Dunne brought out the best in him. He looked like a monster throughout this weekend, and I hope we can see more of this Jeff Cobb moving forward. Very good compact championship match. Perfect for the third night of a tournament like this.

Winner (s)/Rating: Pete Dunne/***1/4


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