Submissions Match: Trent Seven (PROGRESS Tag Team Champion) vs. Mark Haskins(Super Strong Style Tournament Night 3- May 29, 2017)

haskins seven

Haskins has the sharpshooter and some other submission holds at his disposal while Seven doesn’t. Seven lost in six seconds to Matt Riddle before helping cost Haskins a chance to win the tournament on night two when he wrestled Tyler Bate. Seven vows to tap Haskins in a pre-match promo.

The bell rings and Haskins superkicks and then locks in a triangle choke as the crowd counts to six. That was funny. Jimmy Havoc joins the commentary booth but doesn’t have much top say. As one might expect, these two go various holds. Haskins does connect on a huge knee strike and gets away from the submissions briefly before applying the armbar. Seven chops the post with his hand on the outside and looks very sad following that. Haskins asks for a chair. Seven hits Havoc with the chair out of nowhere. Back to the ring. Haskins hits a superkick. Havoc accidentally nails Haskins with a chair. Seven applies a sharpshooter. The official declares the match over as Haskins is unconscious.

I don’t mind the submission stipulation, but the continuing interference in these British Strong Style matches gets awfully annoying. This is also a total cop-out as Haskins didn’t submit. I’m also not sure whether this is about Havoc against Seven, Havoc against Haskins, Haskins against Seven, or all three men eventually feuding.

Winner (s)/Rating: Trent Seven/*


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