Candice LeRae vs. Kay Lee Ray (Southside Wrestling: All Hail the Queen, March 10, 2017)


main event.jpg

KLR tries pulling the hair and gets reverse ranaed for her trouble.  KLR then hits LaRae with a cookie sheet. That’s a disqualification. LaRae doesn’t win won the DQ victory and decides it’s best to turn this into a no disqualification match. LaRae hits a tope suicida as the match restarts. Pretty extensive brawl goes on, even to the merch tables. KLR is dropped back first onto a table. Superkick by KLR on the bar. Both women go for a suplex. Cross body off the bar. KLR sends LaRae into the steel post and then Gory Bombs her into the apron before going for the cover back inside the ring. We get various weapons introduced as the match slows down a bit.  LaRae goes for a GargaNo Escape. KLR hits a spinning STO and then applies a choke. LaRae puts her feet on the ropes…and the referee counts? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Spinning DDT off the top gets two. Gory Bomb into the chair gets KLR the win.

These two never seemed totally comfortable with the weapons, and the best moments of the match were when they were straight wrestling. Save the token outside brawling and a couple of minor uses of a chair (including the finish), this seemed pointless.

Winner (s)/Rating: Kay Lee Ray/**


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