Dave Mastiff vs. Donovan Dijak (RPW Live in Portsmouth 8- May 28, 2017)

dijak mastiff.jpg

Dave Mastiff vs. Donovan Dijak (RPW Live in Portsmouth 8- May 28, 2017)

This is a Big Lads match as referred to in the UK and a hoss division battle if we’re talking in the US. Dijak has had some real bangers with Josh Bodom in RPW, but he’s now moved onto bigger and better things (quite literally). Lots of stalling to start as the crowd tells Mastiff he’s boring. Things finally get going as they lock-up. DIjak shows off his athleticism as he stays one step ahead of Mastiff. Mastiff heads outside and punches Dijak in the face as the referee gets distracted. Mastiff slowly wears Dijak down by focusing on the head and neck while occasionally breaking out some strikes. Dijak tries lifting Mastiff but just collapses. We get a count-out tease. Dijak comes back with forearms and elbows in the corner. Dijak wins with a moonsault that really didn’t even look like connected well.

Technically, the match was okay and worked for the live crowd as they loved to hate Mastiff and seemed to enjoy some of the antics. Dijak also did a great job selling his head and neck. Something was missing from this to make it into something good.

Winner (s)/Rating: Dave Mastiff/**1/2


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