Jade vs. Shanna (Southside Wrestling: All Hail the Queen, March 10, 2017)

jade shanna.jpg

I really do want to make an effort to watch more women’s wrestling, but Shine is blah, WSU and SHIMMER run sparingly, and Women of Honor matches are fairly insignificant. Southside recently ran a women’s show, and this match is definitely one of the ones I wanted to review. Jade is one of the best in the world and Shanna has looked solid any time I’ve seen her in the states. They start out pretty evenly. Shanna gets awfully aggressive as the match heads outside. Back inside where she mocks the crowd and goes full heel. Nice work as she’s able to turn the crowd against her. Into a guillotine choke where Shanna nearly gets the pass out victory. Stalling vertical suplex. Back and forth with chops before Yim spin kicks Shanna and they both collapse. Flurry of kicks. Yim has trouble setting up a moonsault. Shanna places her up there anyway  and double stomps her out of the tree of woe. More reversals. Shanna tries pulling the tights and putting her feet on the ropes, but Jade hits the package piledriver for three.

This was a really good exhibition for these two. Shanna tried using every underhanded tactic she could, but Jade was the consistently better wrestler. This is the kind of match I wish we could see more of in the states because these two got time to tell a story and just could have a really solid midcard match without worrying about only being in the ring for 5-8 minutes.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jade/***1/2


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