Luke Phoenix vs. Mike Bailey (RPW Live in Portsmouth 8- May 28, 2017)

dijak mastiff.jpg

Battle of high flyers here. Phoenix and Martin Stone had a hell of a match on a recent RevPro show, and Bailey is always a personal favorite. Bailey goes to the kicks almost right away. Phoenix dodges the moonsault to the outside and dragon screws the middle rope. KneeDT. I like that Phoenix is showing a different aspect of his game by attacking Bailey’s leg. Bailey actually uses the crane kick after having his leg worked on. Bailey battles through the pain, but Phoenix hits a running clothesline to counter. Bailey with a pair of huge kicks and sliced bread. Snap German and running knee by Phoenix. Half crab. Bailey rolls through and kicks away. Phoenix comes back with some hard strikes. Bailey has trouble with his leg after missing a dive. Phoenix gets back on offense but misses a dive. Phoenix awkwardly hits the springboard moonsault outside. Back and forth in the ring. Phoenix continues to counter Bailey anytime he tries using the injured leg. Bailey misses the standing moonsault and lands on his knees. DDT but Phoenix splashes Bailey. Bailey puts his knees up. Bailey hits the springboard knees for three.

This is one of the few times where a high flyer had his leg worked over, and he did an effective job selling, thus making for a really good match. It’s a shame Bailey can’t be more widely seen in the US, but he takes advantage where he can by consistently delivering in Canadian and European appearances. Phoenix is two-for-two, and I hope RPW continues to use him well.

Winner (s)/Rating: Mike Bailey/***1/2


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