Nixon Newell vs. Viper (Southside Wrestling: All Hail the Queen, March 10, 2017)

viper newelll.jpg

Newell requested this match. I had a chance to see Viper at a SHIMMER taping but wasn’t impressed. I think it’s always fair to give second chances, and I’m a huge fan of Newell. The idea is that Viper is supposed to be the most powerful woman, but Newell may actually be the strongest. We get some weird Undertaker/Kane spots early on. If there’s one thing WE NEVER NEED TO SEE AGAIN, it’s that specific match. This match is ultimately way too cute as we get more Kane uppercuts, sit-ups, and an “Undertaker” dive (with one of the announcers even shouting “What a maneuver.”) This is supposed to be some sort of an important match given it’s the semi-main event, but they’re wrestling like the second match on the show. Viper hits a tombstone, but Newell kicks out at one. Chokeslam and Shining Wizard gets Newell the three count.

These two are way too talented to be doing mock-ups of matches from 10-15 years ago. Be better than this.

Winner (s)/Rating: Nixon Newell/*


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