RevPro British Cruiserweight Title Match: Josh Bodom (c) vs. Bubblegum (RPW Live in Portsmouth 8- May 28, 2017)

bodom bubblegum.jpg

Bubblegum has made a few appearances for some high profile UK independents, but this is my first chance to see him. I am curious to know how he came up with a name like Bubblegum as his look (save for the pink tights) would not seem to lend itself to that name. Bubblegum pinned Bodom a week before Bodom became the unified Cruiserweight champion. The atmosphere combined with this being the opener made this feel like a B title defense. It was fine for the most part, but it never felt like Bubblegum had much of a chance. Bliss Buster only gets two. Bodom goes for a chair. He tosses it in the ring. Bodom then uses the belt instead and kicks it in his face. That was so telegraphed and bad. Straight knee to the back gets three.

The ending was stupid and unnecessary. Why make your champion look this weak?

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL British Cruiserweight Champion- Josh Bodom/*

 Andy Boy Simmonz literally talked about Bubblegum having no chance to win this match. I get he’s supposed to be a heel announcer, but why are we watching this match if even the commentators don’t think there’s a chance Bubblegum can win.


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