WWE UK Championship Quarterfinal: Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin (WWE UK Championship Tournament Part 2- January 15, 2017)

bate devlin.jpg

Bate is one of the most popular wrestlers in this tournament, and Devlin is now one of the most hated after a weird finish against Danny Birch followed by an attack. Devlin attacks quickly. Bate tosses him out of the ring pretty hard. Devlin comes back and focuses at first on the arm but then transitions to striking the head and neck. Devlin tries getting too cute and ends up in the airplane spin. Devlin goes to the eyes and hits an enziguri. Moonsault misses. Devlin connects on a knee strike and gets a nearfall. Moonsault misses a second time. Tiger driver turned into an Alligator Clutch for two. Enziguri sends Bate down on the back of the head, very similar to what happened on night one. Bate sees no blood and punches Devlin in the face. Tiger driver for three. That finish was great because it paid off what happened in the Birch match and also gave Bate a chance to show his personality. Quarterfinals were super fun and easy to watch.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tyler Bate/***


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