WWE UK Championship Semifinal: Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne (WWE UK Championship Tournament Part 2- January 15, 2017)

andrews dunne

Well, we’re at a point where we’ve got three favorites and one underdog. Needless to say, these are two of the favorites. Immediate bodyslam and chinlock on the injured neck of Andrews. Andrews counters Dunne’s stomp with a standing rana. Dunne gets to a point where he’s still able to work Andrews’s neck. Andrews breaks out a standing 630 back flip for two while holding on the neck. Rana back in the ring. Running shooting star press for two. Dunne heads outside as Andrews preps for a dive. Dunne release suplexes Andrews into the apron. A second one onto the entranceway. Count-out tease. Release suplex turned into Stundog Millionaire. Andrews forearms Dunne off the top rope. Shooting star press turned into a roll-up for two. Dunne hits a diving Andrews with a forearm. Bitter End attempt turned into a spike rana. Andrews goes for the shooting star press. Dunne German suplexes him into the corner. Another release suplex followed by Bitter End gets three.

This was a tremendous match between two guys who have a long history as partners and opponents. This was clearly a match WWE had to do given the chemistry. Some excellent counters and sequences from these two. This was a great speed versus power match, and you have to believe this will be done again.

Winner (s)/Rating: Pete Dunne/****


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