AAW Tag Team Championship: Fenix and AR Fox (champions) vs. Lio Rush and Shane Strickland (AAW Thursday Night Special-May 25, 2017)

fox fenix.jpg

Only one of these men has me blocked on Twitter. I’ll leave it to the readers to figure out which one it is. These are four of the most impressive athletes going right now. This is also Lio Rush’s AAW debut. Three of the four guys are having amazing years, and Fox hasn’t exactly been a slouch either. Things descend into chaos very quickly as they forgo this being even the pretext of a straight tag match. Lots of divez and movez as both teams take turns maintaining control of the match. Strickland DVDs Fox as the challengers hit a series of cutters on Fenix. Heat segment continues. Fox makes the comeback for his team as he’s able to springboard acecrush Strickland and rush. Swanton on both men as well. Leaping DDT by Strickland feeds right into Rush Hour by Fenix. Both teams have quite the sequence, do a fake kip-up, and then fall back down. That was different at least. 450 splash across Rush’s back while on Fenix’s knees. Strickland breaks the count. Rush hits a reverse rana followed by a series of splashes. Fenix still won’t die. Fox hits Low Main Pain and a brainbuster on Rush to get three.

I have no problem with having one spotfest like this before show. It would get repetitive, but this was the only match of its kind on the show.  Tremendous back and forth title match

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL AAW Tag Team Champions- AR Fox and Fenix/***3/4


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