Colt Cabana vs. Trevor Lee (AAW Thursday Night tSpecial-May 25, 2017)


lee cabana.jpg

Lee has been mister serious lately in an attempt to win matches and focus less on dancing. Cabana is the complete opposite. Lee attacks Cabana from behind and gets the early advantage. Cabana goes on the attack and forces Lee to dance. Lots of continued shenanigans as he gets to play off a guy who’s trying to be more serious and focusing only on wrestling. Build-up to the mushroom stomp as Lee gets the first nearfall of the match. Flying apple turned into a German suplex by Lee. Lee counters the Chicago Skyline by going to the eyes. Billy Goat’s Curse. Lee uses the tights and goes to the ropes and gets three.

Cabana was the perfect opponent at this stage given what Lee is attempting to do. I hope this style eventually leads to him being able to still have the kinds of matches he’s having in CWF. He’s got the southern style heat schitck going for him to be certain at least, and this is a step in the right direction.

Winner (s)/Rating: Trevor Lee/**3/4


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