Donovan Dijak vs. Keith Lee (AAW Thursday Night Special-May 25, 2017)

lee dijak.jpg

These two have had two excellent matches in Evolve. There’s clearly a tremendous amount of trust between these two because they use all kinds of crazy athletic moves. It’s amazing to watch what these two are able to athletically, but how can they top themselves? They show off the quickness. Lee breaks out the hard chops. Dijak catches a springboarding Lee with a superkick. They battle around the ring. Dijak tries a forearm to Lee’s back and ends up hurting himself.  Dijak con helos off the guard rail on top of Lee. Lee powerbombs Dijak onto a chair. Incredibly, the match ends up back in the ring. Dijak hits a rydeen bomb off the top rope. Chop. Lee hits a spirit bomb out of nowhere for two. To the apron. Lee hits a Destroyer and they collapse to the floor. Lee clears the front row and goes for a powerbomb. Discus kick sends Lee into the crowd. As Lee rises, Dijak hits a springboard moonsault into the crowd. Dijak puts Lee on the top rope. Lee chops the shit out of him. Dijak goes for a rana, but Lee holds on and jackknife powerbombs him. Dijak kicks out. Lee decides he can’t hit a moonsault on one side of the turnbuckle but  decides another side is good enough. Dijak kicks out at one. Dijak ducks the chop and hits a Feast Your Eyes. Lee stares him down. Jackhammer gets three for Lee.

These two just have great chemistry and can go out there and deliver a great match on-demand. They can hit each other really hard, break out the speed moves, and even toss each other around with relative ease. There were some noticeable dead spots during the match, but this was still a watchable spectacle where two guys did things they shouldn’t be able to.

Winner (s)/Rating: Keith Lee/***1/2

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