Michael Elgin vs. TAFKA Jack Swagger (AAW Thursday Night Special-May 25, 2017)

elgin swagger.jpg

Let’s talk about Jack Swagger’s gear. Woof. My philosophy is if you can’t have a good match with Michael Elgin at an AAW show in Berwyn, then you might as well retire anyway. It’s amazing how much taller Swagger is than Elgin. Like you can’t even realize how tall he is until he’s in an AAW ring. They start off with hard strikes right away. Swagger uses his height and power to send Elgin out of the ring. Swagger does a nice job taking a lot of Elgin’s offense and keeping up a solid pace. You can see Elgin wanting Swagger to bring it during a chop exchange on the outside of the ring. Elgin takes him back inside and hits a stalling suplex. Swagger gets some sustained offense and looks a little blown up. Swagger goes for the Vader Bomb, but Elgin lifts his boots up. Ankle lock countered. Elgin goes for a series of German suplexes. Swagger elbows him away. Springboard snap German suplex. Falcon arrow. Elgin hits a series of lariats. Swagger ducks and grabs the ankle lock. Elgin grabs the bottom rope. Swagger hits an overhead throw and big splash for two. Elginbomb out of a deadlift position. Wow. Swagger hits a lariat! Swagger punches out of a bucklebomb and grabs the ankle again. Swagger hits a German suplex. Splash attempt but Elgin bucklebombs him. Elginbomb gets three.

Give credit to Swagger for trying to keep up with Elgin and maintaining the faster pace of an indie match. I bet he went through more sweat in this match than certain months of WWE combined. He really seemed to find himself as the match went on, and I hope he has more matches like this in AAW or other indies. Elgin is the perfect gatekeeper for AAW right now, and this turned into a very strong match. It established Swagger on the indies and kept Elgin strong for his title match.

Winner (s)/Rating: Michael Elgin/***1/2


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