Danny Birch vs. Jordan Devlin (WWE UK Championship Tournament Part 1- January 14, 2017)

birch devlin.jpg

Birch is better known as Martin Stone on the indies. He’s tremendously underrated and probably should be one of the top guys coming out of this. Devlin is Finn Balor lookalike. Amazing to think he was also trained by him. Devlin uses his speed, but Birch wears him down using more classic wrestling and technique. Devlin breaks out…a chinlock. Guess he’s WWE ready. Devlin is not ready for primetime based on this match. Having him play heel against the craftier Birch makes very little sense. Birch hits a dropkick off the middle rope and then picks things up further with a huge lariat. Flurry of offense ends with a huge headbutt and two. Crossface. Devlin gets to the bottom rope. Devlin hits a dropkick and spin kick. Birch is busted open but appeared to get his shoulder up? What the hell was that? Pretty lame finish to what wasn’t a stellar outing. Devlin going over was certainly the wrong choice.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jordan Devlin/*1/2


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