Pete Dunne vs. Roy Johnson (WWE UK Championship Tournament Part 1- January 14, 2017)

dunne johnson.jpg


Never been happier to see Pete Dunne than after that last match.  Johnson is a powerlifter but certainly doesn’t look it. Give him a unique look to be certain. Dunne has the most clear heelish attitude of anyone I’ve seen thus far. Johnson shows of some of his power after briefly having his arm worked over. Dunne uses the whole ring to his advantage as he stomps on Johnson’s fingers and arm. Back into the ring as Dunne continues emphasizing the arm and fingers. Johnson comes back with a flapjack. The crowd seems to want to cheer for Dunne and aren’t sure about Johnson. It makes for a weird dynamic. Johnson comes off the top rope and is caught with a huge punch.  Back and forth for a bit. Dunne hits a Bitter End for three.

The Finlay/Regal comparisons certainly worked here as Dunne showcased various offensive strategies. It’s easy to see why he’s one of the points of emphasis  of this entire division. Most of these first round matches have been perfectly watchable, but none of the matches have been sticking out. Seven and Dunne have clearly stood out peersonalitywise. Shocking I know.

Winner (s)/Rating: Pete Dunne/**3/4


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