Trent Seven vs. HC Dyer (WWE UK Championship Tournament Part 1- January 14, 2017)

seven dyer.jpg

Since I will be quite busy packing, travelling, and coming back to the United States, I need some #content for the blog. Thought it would be good to look at some of the WWE UK shows from the first half of the year. Technically, this breaks the rules, but this connects very well with a lot of the European indie shows I’ve been looking at recently.

Seven is the clear favorite in this one. Lots of emphasis placed on the moustache as you might expect. Seven tries a lot of strikes early but accidentally chops the post. Nonetheless, Seven still controls the match with strikes. Dyer uses a spinebuster, so he’s clearly WWE ready. Dyer gets a long two count after a huge right hand. Blue thunder bomb by Dyer. Frog splash misses. Spinning backfist into the lariat for three. Good showcase win for Seven. Dyer needs more seasoning but obviously has a look WWE would desire. Seven is the clear win now choice. The moustache gimmick serves as a perfect hook for him.

Winner (s)/Rating: Trent Seven/**1/2

Michael Cole and Nigel McGuinness were perfect compliments on commentary. They called the show like they had done 100 before. Very solid work.


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