Wolfgang vs. Tyson T-Bone (WWE UK Championship Tournament Part 1- January 14, 2017)

wolfgang tyson t bone


Two bigger guys again. This is like a Big Lads match. T-Bone shows quite a bit of personality in his short profile and interview. Says a lot that they trusted him to do a live pre-match interview.  T-Bone headbutts Wolfgang before the bell rings. He is wearing a shirt and pants, likely because of the amount of tattoos. These guys come out hot and heavy. Smart move on their part. This starts as a fun bar room brawl type of match, but things slow down a bit. T-Bone posts Wolfgang and is content to wait on a count-out. Gordbuster by Wolfgang on T-Bone while both men are on the top rope. Swanton by Wolfgang gets three.

T-Bone is the most impressive of the guys I haven’t seen. His promo and look make him distinctive from everyone else. He’s also a classic brawler, something that doesn’t seem to exist in the world of wrestling. This was a very different kind of match than you see not only from WWE but all of wrestling. Lots of punching and power type stuff from both guys.  I was more interested in T-Bone as a personality, but Wolfgang seems to have more in-ring chops. He’s able to brawl, use power moves, and also come off the top rope.

Winner (s)/Rating: Wolfgang/***


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