WWE UK Championship Quarterfinal: Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Connors (WWE UK Championship Tournament Part 2- January 15, 2017)

andrews conners.jpg

Another fast start as Andrews goes for a series of roll-ups early. This is very much a speed guy versus power guy type of match. Conners drop toe holds Andrews into the stairs to get a fairly definitive advantage. Andrews’s strength is in the underdog roll, so it makes sense for Connors to maintain the advantage. Andrews does a nice somersault dive on top of Connors. Standing moonsault attempt met with knees a roll-up. Andrews comes back with a rana off the top rope. Suplex turned into Stundog Millionaire. Shooting star press gets him the win. Very exciting and intense little match. There is a clear difference in how these guys are treating the matches on this night versus the first night as everyone has come off much better, especially Connors. Obviously, the quality of competition has also improved as well.

Winner (s)/Rating: Mark Andrews/**3/4


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