WWE UK Championship Quarterfinal: Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang (WWE UK Championship Tournament Part 2- January 15, 2017)

trent seven wolfgang.jpg

Seven is arguably one of the favorites while Wolfgang is one of the real wild cards because of his style and size. They tease starting slowly but Seven slaps Wolfgang. Wolfgang responds with a back suplex. To the outside of the ring as he hits a moonsault. However, he grabs his knee and may have tweaked it. Seven teases a superplex from the top to the outside of the ring. Wolfgang hits a superplex into the ring. Some solid back and forth action as these guys use their size extremely well. Seven star lariat but Wolfgang kicks out. Swanton to the back by Wolfgang gets three.

This is a bit of a shocker given Dunne and Andrews won their respective matches. One thing you almost have to do is have an upset or two and try to diversify the kinds of wrestlers who would be considered contenders in this division. Seven is undoubtedly the stronger worker, but Wolfgang might need a victory like this more.

Winner (s)/Rating: Wolfgang/***1/4


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