WWE UK Championship Semifinal: Tyler Bate vs. Wolfgang (WWE UK Championship Tournament Part 2- January 15, 2017)

bate wolfgang.jpg

Wolfgang already defeated one member of Moustache Mountain. Let’s see what happens against the other one. Bate breaks out the punches early until Wolfgang drives him into the corner. Wolfgang seamlessly transitions into more of a heel role. Wolfgang lands awkwardly on his knee, and he favors it. Swanton misses. Gore out of nowhere gets two on Bate. Bate turns a firemen’s carry into the Tiger Driver for three.

Not as good or intense as the previous semifinal but these two had a lot to try and follow. This was still a very good match as Wolfgang saw his stock rise in a big way.  Crowd really has added so much to the atmosphere of all of these matches and I liked the out nowhere nature of this one because it was clearly meant to be different and Bate has established the Tiger Driver as his killer finish.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tyler Bate/***

Dunne again does a sneak attack, this time forearming Bate after his victory.


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