Number One Contender’s Match: Trent Seven vs. Pete Dunne (UK Championship Special- May 20, 2017)

bate dunne.jpg

Seven had his arm worked over the previous night by Wolfgang. He tries favoring the arm, so Dunne works over the left arm until Seven makes one mistake too many and has the arm kicked. He kicks the arm into the stairs. Dunne naturally focuses on the bandaged arm. Seven finally starts his comeback with a DDT. Dunne goes for the Bitter End. Dunne blocks the Seven Star Lariat but Seven adjusts and hits a left arm lariat instead. Seven hits an Emerald Frosion like move for two. Back drop driver and an X Plex by Dunne. He transitions into a kimura. Seven is sent arm first into the rail. Half nelson suplex on the apron. Wow. Count-out tease but they both get in at nine. They climb to the top rope. Dunne elbows out of a superplex attempt and then wrenches the right arm. Dragon suplex but Dunne stands up. Huge exchange of strikes. Seven hits the lariat but Dunne kicks out. Dunne again avoids the Seven Star lariat and applies a double wristlock. Dragon suplex. Backfist hits. Dunne hits Bitter End and gets three.

Even though Dunne didn’t make Seven submit because of the injured arm, this was still a well told story throughout the contest as they were able to deliver on an excellent main event caliber match. Seven used suplexes just to stay around while Dunne was able to use a wider variety of offensive moves to get the win.

Winner (s)/Rating: Pete Dunne/***3/4


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