WWE UK Championship: Tyler Bate (champion) vs. Mark Andrews (UK Championship Special- May 20, 2017)

bate andrws.jpg

This is one of the rare instances where Bate is the bigger and significantly more powerful of the two men. Andrews goes for a roll-up right away. Things settle down as they go basic with an exchange of holds. Pace picks up as they go to a stalemate. Andrews actually applies some submissions and shows how much he’s developed into a more well rounded performer. Bate applies a reverse Boston crab (and even calls it the Billy Goat’s Curse). Andrews finally hits a tope con helo Back and forth back inside the ring. To me, the important part to this match is Andrews established himself more as a wrestler and shifted away from being “only” a high flyer. Bate showed a ton of poise in really being the guy who dictated the pace and carried himself like a champion. Some great counters throughout, including a reverse rana out of the airplane spin. Bate goes for something off the top rope but Andrews hits a rana. Running shooting star press gets two. Huge rebound lariat. Stundog Millionaire to counter the suplex. He goes up for the shooting star press but is met with knees. Rolling kick and the Tiger Driver gets Bate the win.

Dunne of course tries attacking Bate. He takes out Andrews on his way to the ring. William Regal gets in the ring with Dunne to prevent shenanigans.

Great way to cap off this show as these two combined their styles really well. Both guys equally impressed me with their poise and ability to diversify what they do in the ring.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL WWE UK Champion-Tyler Bate/****

If there’s one thing these matches proved, it’s that Jim Ross really should not be a full-time commentator at this point in his career. He had a lot of trouble following the action and is not someone who should be discussing these increasingly quick matches. Nigel McGuiness, on the other hand, is developing into an excellent commentator. He’s really coming along and realizing his full potential. I knew he could be good in Ring of Honor, but he really needed seasoning and working with guys who have more experience. Working with Michael Cole and Jim Ross has made him much better.


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