WWE UK Championship: Tyler Bate (champion) vs. Pete Dunne (NXT Takeover: Chicago- May 21, 2017)


dunne bate.jpg

This is a rematch of the WWE UK Championship finals where Bate won and became the first ever UK champion. Dunne became the number one contender again after defeating Trent Seven on a recent UK special. The Chicago crowd is very much behind Dunne in this particular match. In what may have been one of the biggest crowds either of these two men have wrestled in, these guys absolutely killed it. They broke out some tremendous counters and new offensive moves yet seen in WWE. Bate breaks out a couple of dives but still somehow doesn’t get the win. He does one dive too many and this leads to the Bitter End. Dunne becomes the champion.  These guys clearly threw everything they had into this particular match because on a card with so many notable matches and tremendous wrestlers, these guys not only stole the show but left every other match on this show in the dust. They did some tremendous nearfalls and false finishes without having either man kick out of the other’s finisher. One of the best matches I’ve seen all year.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW WWE UK Champion-Pete Dunne/****3/4


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