Adam Cole vs. Matt Riddle (PWG Game Over, Man!- April 21, 2017)


cole riddle.jpg

Cole is on his way out the door, and this is a chance for him to put over one of the next big stars of independent wrestling. Feeling out process on the mat leads to Cole giving Riddle the finger and being put into the triangle choke. Cole decks Riddle off the apron onto Meltzer in the front row. He maintains control of the match in his usual midcard heel way. Back and forth as they break out some counters for each other’s offensive moves. This was a fairly typical Cole match in many ways with a few a key twists. Riddle hits a jumping tombstone and locks in the Bromission for the win as Cole taps.

This is probably the only time we’ll see this match on the indies. I like the way these two were able to counter each other’s offense. It gave this match a freshness and allowed both guys to expand their repertoires a bit. Big win for Riddle in defeating someone of Cole’s caliber and it’ll be interesting to see if he gets a title match down the road. As I’ve said before, I’m glad Cole is moving onto WWE because it’ll hopefully freshen him up.

Winner (s)/Rating: Matt Riddle/***1/4


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