Michael Elgin vs. Kyle O’Reilly (PWG Game Over, Man!- April 21, 2017)

elgin o reilly.jpg

Two former ROH champions and probably one of the times this match will happen anywhere. O’Reilly is replacing an injured Mark Haskins. Things get stiff early with various kicks and strikes. O’Reilly goes to work on the left elbow, and Elgin favors it a bit to the point he has the official stretch it out. They exchange offense, and O’Reilly works that arm when he gets the chance. Like seemingly every other match on this card, they ended up going about 20 minutes in a situation where a 15-18 minute match would have been more effective. They went for a very NJPW main event kind of match. It was well executed for the most part, and it was nice to see the arm work come back throughout. There were definitely a couple of earlier points where things should have ended but Elgin hit a series of powerbombs to get the win.

Winner (s)/Rating: Michael Elgin/***1/4


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