Non-title match: Zack Sabre Jr. (PWG World Champion) vs. Dick Togo (PWG Game Over, Man!- April 21, 2017)

togo sabre.jpg

Definitely the only chance to see a match like this. I have zero problem with something like this getting more time because it’s the PWG champion against a legend. The theme of this show has been nearly every bout getting an extended amount of time. Very technical match to begin as Togo controls the arm. Interesting to see Sabre wrestling from behind on the mat.  Sabre eventually gets an extended control segment and works over Togo’s leg. Sabre transitions to delivering forearms before Togo dropkicks him out of the ring. Tope suicida. Swinging pedigree (not meant to be either a tribute or shot at Triple so no one star loss) sends Sabre awkwardly on his head. Sabre escapes a second attempt and kicks at Togo’s legs. Togo challenges Sabre to him harder and then decides to use some strikes of his own. Things get messy and violent. Togo hits a German suplex and both men are down. Sweep of the legs and two noisy PKs. That was pretty crazy. Crossface applied. Sabre locks in a stretch muffler. Leaping acecrusher connects for Togo. Pedigree. To the top rope. Senton met with knees. PK no sold. Second one reversed into a crossface. Series of roll-ups leads to Sabre locking in the European Clutch for the three.

Best match of the show easily as there was a clear heel/face dynamic and story with Sabre feeling very comfortable going to work on Togo’s legs.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre Jr./***3/4

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