Ray Fenix (PWG Tag Team Champion) vs. Lio Rush (PWG Game Over, Man!- April 21, 2017)


fenix rush.jpg

Taylor is disgusted with how young Rush is. Can’t blame him. Rush kicks Fenix in the midsection to begin and things are already devolving. Some flippy type things and we shockingly end in a stalemate. Think these guys are quick?  PWG definitely decided to start with a spectacle match. Not much point to discussing individual moves because this match is about showing off athleticism and flippy movez. This should not be taken as an insult because these guys are excellent at what they do and both have had strong in-ring years. Unfortunately, Rush does a kick wham stunner because reasons. They exchange acecrushers and Rush does the Orton pose. Even Excalibur rightfully mocks him on commentary. Fenix hits a Destroyer. This has turned into a PWG coz play match. Speaking of, Rush hits a reverse rana. Both men collapse. Fenix hits a nasty looking double stomp. Superkick and this match is still going on as Rick Knox counts two. They take a while to set up a Spanish Fly. Rush holds on and hits Rush Hour for two. Omari driver by Fenix gets two. Spanish Fly on the apron. Frog splash FINALLY gets Rush the win.

This match went way too long, 10 minutes too long. Between the Austin parody, the incessant kick-outs, and the length of the match, this was everything wrong with PWG in one 20 miniute opener.

Winner (s)/Rating: Lio Rush/*1/2

Excalibur and Chuck Taylor were brilliant on commentary as usual.


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