Reseda Street Fight: Chuck Taylor vs. Marty Scurll (PWG Game Over, Man!- April 21, 2017)


scurll taylor

If there’s one thing Taylor can do, it’s have really fun plunder brawls. There’s actually a story behind this one as Scurll attacked Taylor after the latter’s unsuccessful run at the PWG title. Scurll and Taylor continued their brawling at the most recent show, so it’s time to settle things before Taylor can go back to chasing the world championship. Scurll brags about winning BOLA the previous year as the crowd chants for Taylor. Certainly can’t argue with Scurll’s heel heat.

I’m stunned this didn’t start out as a brawl, but we actually get through the introductions…barely. Scurll comes in swinging with the umbrella. Taylor gives Scurll a bit of a beatdown and even introduces some plunder into this here match. Scurll tosses a chair back into Taylor’s face and superkicks him. Snap suplex into the stacks of chairs. Scurll obviously maintains the advantage for a bit. Soul Food by Taylor. He places a garbage can on top of Scurll and wears him out with umbrella shots. Garbage can shot to the head. Stalling piledriver. Taylor sits right up like he’s Road Warrior Hawk. Taylor uses the chair propped up in the corner to his advantage. Tower of doom of chairs set up on the outside of the ring in the crowd. Scurll grabs him by the dick and just tosses him through the six chairs. Did not think Taylor would take that vicious a bump at this point in his career. Back in the ring where Scurll hits a cradle stalling piledriver for two. Taylor sends Scurll overhead into the corner and goes under the ring for a ladder. Scurll constructs a chair tower of doom inside the ring. Crack of the fingers. Scurll tapes Taylor’s hand to the apron and then hits him with a series of umbrellas. Taylor hits a knee strike to a chair wielding Scurll. Back drop breaks the ladder. Powerbomb into the chairs. I did not expect Taylor to take those bumps back-to-back either. Chickenwing with an umbrella. Taylor uses another umbrella to smack Scurll around. Garbage can shot on Knox. Piledriver has a clear three count for Taylor but no official. Taylor pours A LOT of thumbtacks into the ring. Scurll goes low and grabs powder. Taylor sends it back in his face. DVD into the tacks but the official can’t count. Somewhat creative but also fucking stupid. Scurll sends Taylor back first into the tacks. Taylor grabs the chickenwing anyway. Scurll taps to his own move. That was certainly a notable finish.

This was a well done street fight with lots of storytelling and a very heated feud to be dealt with. Both guys can be comedic at times, but they were all business in this particular match. Taylor is really giving this run everything he has. Who knows how many more years Taylor is willing to do these kinds of matches. He wrestled like a mad man and was not afraid to take some insane bumps. The referee bump was completely unnecessary and superflouous. It added nothing to the match, and the fact that a second official didn’t come in for so longer was even dumber. At least it was somewhat creative in the execution and the crowd loved it. Hell of a brawl.

Winner (s)/Rating: Chuck Taylor/****


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