The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. War Machine (Raymond Rowe and Hanson)(PWG Game Over, Man!- April 21, 2017)

bucks war machine.jpg

This is War Machine’s debut in PWG. You know two minutes into a Young Bucks match whether they’ll take things seriously or not. The Bucks are at their best when they’re in two bigger opponents and can be tossed around, which also happens to play into War Machine’s strengths as a team as well. Crowd is mostly behind the Bucks. A bit of a surprise if you ask me. Stalling by the Bucks and it’s not looking good early. War Machine overpower the Bucks quite a bit early as the Bucks try some of their usual shenanigans. Superkick party starts early. Double dives and a heat segment on Hanson. Rowe comes in and tosses them around. Series of forearms blocked by Rowe’s head. Heat segment on Matt Jackson. Sliced bread leads to a hot tag. Nick sends Rowe and Hanson flying all over the place. All pretext of this being a tag match is abandoned. War Machine breaks out a springboard lariat, specifically it’s Hanson doing the springboarding. Hanson counters double superkicks with a double powerbomb. He takes far too long to get to the rope and misses a moonsault. Now the Superkick Party really gets underway. They have trouble going for the Meltzer Driver. Matt actually gets Hanson up. They counter. Rowe and Hanson control for quite a while as this starts to feel a little long. Matt rolls Rowe and gets the win out of nowhere. Well, that was a finish.

This was a decent formula tag team match, but I’m not sure the dynamics quite worked because the PWG crowd took a while to get into War Machine and mostly treated the Bucks like the heroes. The double heat segment seemed a bit unnecessary and added time to this match that wasn’t needed. I guess everyone felt they needed to go longer because Meltzer was in the building. The shenanigans of the Bucks seemed much more over than a focused War Machine team, and I think this hurt the quality of the match.

Winner (s)/Rating: The Young Bucks/**3/4


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