Style Battle 5 Final: Anthony Henry vs. Fred Yehi (Style Battle 5- June 16, 2017) (Style Battle 5- June 16, 2017)

yehi henry.jpg

These two had quite the 30 minute draw at the first Style Battle. Henry hits a huge kick and almost gets three. This was what I expected out of both semifinals as both men go for the win early and often. Pretty typical psychology as the first match goes 30 minutes and now they’re being super aggressive in order to get the win. Yehi of course focuses on Henry’s neck since that sets up for the Koji Clutch but also it’s been worked on all night. Yehi controls a great deal of this match and becomes frustrated trying to pin Henry’s shoulders down. Henry hits a northern lights suplex and double stomp before collapsing. Hip into an almost cravat back suplex. Koji Clutch applied. Henry actually makes it to the ropes. Series of spin kicks by Henry. Henry hits a series of piledrivers but can’t finish the job. Kudo Driver finally gets Henry hiss Style Battle win.

Both men already have a pretty interesting Style Battle story with Henry actually being the first one to break through and win one. It’ll be interesting to see if Yehi gets “one more chance” on the next version of this tournament. Henry is so close to being ready for an Evolve run. He’s got the tools and has had some tremendous matches on WWN’s lower rung shows. This was very good as they built off the previous match well and Henry got the big win.

Winner (s)/Rating: Anthony Henry/***1/2


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