Style Battle 5 Quarterfinal: Anthony Henry vs. Matt Tremont (Style Battle 5- June 16, 2017)

Henry Tremont.jpg

It was made clear at the previous version of this tournament that Henry would only be receiving one more chance to win a style battle. This is Tremont’s WWN debut, and this is an excellent way to introduce him to a potentially new audience. Henry hits a pair of yakuza kicks. While he’s able to use his speed briefly, Tremont hits a lariat to get control of the match. Even as they head out Tremont dominates Henry. Henry dragon screw leg whips Tremont’s leg into the corner, and he focuses on the left leg. Tremont catches a dive attempt and hits a samoan drop. DVD for two. Henry gets a roll-up for three.

Interesting that Henry would get a victory like this in such a way to not definitively beat Tremont. Curious to know what this means for Tremont’s WWN future. Henry was very good here, and I’d say Tremont did a nice job in a non death match format. Good start to the tournament.

Winner (s)/Rating: Anthony Henry/***


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