Style Battle 5 Quarterfinal: Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Fred Yehi (FIP Champion)(Style Battle 5- June 16, 2017)

yehi friedman.jpg

Friedman recently became the CZW Wired Champion. Between him, Tremont, and Janela, this whole show has a very CZW feel to it actually. Yehi has been a part of a number of these tournaments, including getting to the finals against Jason Kincaid at the previous style battle. Given these typically occur the same weekend as FIP shows, it makes sense to involve Yehi as one of the key cogs of these tournaments. Friedman pretends to be impressed by Yehi’s offense. Yehi pretends to be a sportsmen as well and comes back with a right hand and stomp. Friedman’s selling of the stomp was great. This is a perfect match-up of personalities and style. Yehi out quicks his opponent with a series of dropkicks and ending with a German suplex.  Friedman uses the official and rakes the eyes before sending Yehi into the post. Nice heel work there. Friedman goes to work on the arm. Yehi comes back with some explosive offense. Friedman hits a half nelson and drives his knee to the back of Yehi’s neck. Friedman hits a pumphandle powerbomb for two. Flatliner into the Koji Clutch by Yehi gets a tap-out from Yehi.

This was a really solid basic pro wrestling heel versus face match. These guys played their roles well and had a solidly executed if not always spectacular match. Friedman is a guy who really impresses me with his character work and Yehi is one of the most consistently entertaining guys going. The snap with which he hits his offense never feels rote even when he’s going through his typical repertoire.

Winner (s)/Rating: Fred Yehi/***


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