Style Battle 5 Semifinal: Anthony Henry vs. Joey Janela (Style Battle 5- June 16, 2017)

janela henry.jpg

This will be interesting because both guys are on the cusp of really breaking through and getting booked on some high end indie promotions. Things start off fairly slowly as they an extended feeling out process. Janela palm strikes a diving Henry and hits a DDT onto the floor. Neckbreaker across the bar and that’s certainly one of the more creative moves I’ve seen this year. Henry comes back with a wide array of kicks. Janela hits a tombstone out of nowhere. Rolling DVD in the ring and Janela does the same move on the apron. That’s ridiculous. Exchange of kicks and a double clothesline. Janela hits a moonsault double stomp. Henry hits a piledriver himself and picks up the win. He holds his neck afterward.

The pacing of this match was weird given the tournament format. As a tournament final, I’d understand but within the context of the story, both guys should be expecting to wrestle a third time. Janela is a tremendous personality and someone who is going to be an important part of indie wrestling for the next 3-5 years if not longer. As an in-ring performer, I’m not sure a format like this suits him. He’s at his best playing a chickenshit heel who gets his ass kicked. Last few minutes were certainly interesting with Janela going to work on Henry’s neck and Henry again fighting from behind. I wasn’t into this one at beginning, but I was really digging the back and forth.

Winner (s)/Rating: Anthony Henry/***1/4


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