WWN Championship: Matt Riddle (champion) vs. Martin Stone (Style Battle 5- June 16, 2017)


stone riddle.jpg

I’m not happy about Riddle having to cancel two high profile bookings, but this is honestly a much more intriguing match than his AAW or PWG one. Some pretty intense grappling to begin. Stone hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. This leads to a strike exchange. Riddle focuses on Stone’s back. Senton misses. StoneKO gets two.  Continued focus on the neck. Riddle no sells the German suplexes. Exploder by Stone followed by a right hand. Riddle hits a German suplex of his own. Stone hits a pop-up powerbomb into the knee strike and headbutt. Crossface. Stone breaks out a Destroyer. Riddle no sells into a kick and hits a tombstone for one. Bromission gets the submission.

An excellent B level title defense. It’s a shame Stone isn’t an Evolve regular at this point, but this was a physical and competitive championship match. I’m glad this match got to happen somewhere, even if it was in Ybor City in front of a small crowd.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL WWN Champion-Matt Riddle/***1/2


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