AR Fox vs. Martin Stone (FIP In Full Force- June 17, 2017)

fox stone.jpg

Can we please get AR Fox out of WWN jail and Stone in Evolve? I’m happy this is happening somewhere because it’s an interesting match-up of styles. This is wrestled more to Stone’s strengths from the onset. As soon as things head outside, Fox gets the distinct advantage as hits a springboard moonsault off the post. Stonr catches a diving Fox with a huge forearm. Stone tries wearing the high flying Fox with a series of holds. Blue thunder bomb but Stone cuts the comeback off with a flapjack. Stone goes back to the grinding, but Fox hits a neckbreaker as a means of coming back. Cutter out of the corner. Fox goes for a dive but school boyed for two. Match is now being worked at Fox’s pace. StoneKO drops Fox but both men are down. Huge knee and a headbutt by Stone. Crossface. Fox hits a spinning brainbuster but Stone kicks out. Stone blocks a Lo Main Pain. Fox sends Stone down but misses the 450. Crossface grabbed immediately. The ropes don’t matter. Stone chokes Fox with the middle rope and gets the tap-out.

Very competitive match as they got times to tell a story. This felt like an important match, something that isn’t always true for FIP matches. The unique rules of FIP allow for a finish like this to be both clean and dirty at the same time. The idea is that the lowdown and bar room feel of FIP gives Stone an advantage over other wrestlers who don’t know how to use the ring as well as he does.

Winner (s)/Rating: Martin Stone/***1/2


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