FIP World Championship: Fred Yehi (champion) vs. Joey Janela(FIP In Full Force- June 17, 2017)

davis riddle.jpg

Janela tries grabbing holds early, but Yehi has no time for that. Yehi goes to his Trouble Zone offense. This is a much better showcase for Janela because Yehi can kick his ass for a bit and Janela’s strength is being able to convey that ass kicking in an effective way. What’s interesting about this match is neither man gets an extended advantage during the match. Janela hits a really awkward looking blockbuster on the apron. Not sure how effective that was for either guy. Things go smoothly otherwise. Janela comes across like a credible threat for the FIP title. Janela dives off the stage and collides with a chair because the man is out of his goddamn mind. He later goes for a forearm and connects with the post. Yehi uses a chair…and he should stay away from that. His offensive on the shoulder would definitely have come off better than swinging a chair gingerly. Back inside as he stomps the arms multiple times.  The chair comes back into play as Yehi is sent shoulder first into one in the corner. German suplex gets two. DVD into the chair gets a long two count. Yehi grabs more chairs and tosses them into the ring. Chairs get piled into the ring and they battle on the top rope. You get the sense the finish is coming. Powerbomb by Janela and the goddamn announcer proclaims new champion. Memo to announcers: STOP FUCKING DOING THAT! Yehi goes back to the arms. Koji Clutch with an assist from the chair. Janela gives.

Certainly got to see a different side of both guys as Yehi used a lot of chairs and Janela was asked to carry his half of a main event level championship match.  Yehi was pretty vicious using the chairs to work over the arms. This probably ended up going a bit too long, but it was still a good showcase of Yehi and Janela. Not sure Yehi is the type of guy I’d want to book in a street fight because he didn’t seem comfortable using objects.

Winner (s)/Rating: Fred Yehi/***1/2


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