Anthony Henry vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman (FIP In Full Force- June 17, 2017)

friedman henry.jpg

Henry won the fifth Style Battle just 24 hours earlier, but Friedman attacked him after his final victory. Immediate fisticuffs exchanged by both men. Exchange of dives. Henry does a literal stage dive. Friedman sends Henry into the giant post in the middle of the building. Friedman uses various parts of the bar to work Henry over. I kind of like the way these guys are using the whole facility to have this match. Gives it a very different feel than the first match. Powerbomb into the folding press back inside gets two. Henry comes back with his array of kicks and strikes. Half nelson suplex no sold by Henry. He comes back with a German suplex. More strikes. Friedman spits right in Henry’s face. To the eyes. Superkick by Henry. Discus lariat by Friedman. Fujiwara armbar. Henry gets to the rope but no dice. Into the ropes as Henry locks in a triangle choke. Friedman goes to the eyes. Running kick. Jumping piledriver gets a long two. Back to the armbar. Henry hits a huge flurry of moves. MIla comes in with a chair. Amber Young attacks. Friedman confronts her. Henry hits a Van Daminator and hits a double stomp. Frog splash for three.

Friedman is going to be a star on the indies and hopefully in bigger places soon. He’s got the personality down and is competent enough in the ring to make an undercard or midcard better even now. Henry has the underdog aspect to his character, and he’s getting better at connecting with crowds. These two took great advantage of the extended time and tried to have an important midcard match. This was a good showcase for both men until the unnecessarily goofy finish. Did they really need to protect Friedman this much by involving interference and a chair. It really took away from what was a very strong outing.

Winner (s)/Rating: Anthony Henry/***1/4


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