Fred Yehi vs. Chris Dickinson (Evolve 87- June 25, 2017)

dickinson yehi.jpg

Yehi took out Jaka the previous night, and now he faces the other half of the Evolve tag champions. Because of what’s been going on with Matt Riddle, the issue between Catch Point and Yehi hasn’t been as important. I’m not against Yehi wrestling his former Catch Point teammates, but the lack of Stokely Hathaway makes these matches feel less important. This starts on the mat unlike Yehi’s match with Jaka which started with a lot of strikes. Yehi focuses on Dickinson’s rather large right leg. Huge strike exchange as Dickinson fights out of the corner. Yehi deceives Dickinson by bouncing off the ropes. Dickinson bounces back in and hits an enziguri. Suplex hit on the outside. This has already been a much more focused an intense battle than the previous evening as Dickinson is just a more naturally heelish character. Things break down into another slugfest as Yehi battles out of the corner. Yehi clips the knee. Interesting to see the focus of this match be on Dickinson’s leg given the Koji Clutch is Yehi’s submission finish. Dickinson hits the falcon arrow. HE DID THE DEAL! Yehi hits a beautiful backcracker for two. Series of covers but Dickinson continues kicking out. Things really pick up as Dickinson hits a half nelson suplex and hard running kick. Yehi hits a dragon suplex and locks in the Koji Clutch. Dickinson taps, and Yehi gets another win.

Winner (s)/Rating: Fred Yehi/***1/4


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