WWN Championship: Matt Riddle (champion) vs. Keith Lee (Evolve 87- June 25, 2017)

riddlle lee.jpg

These two wrestled at Beyond the night before, and I will be getting to that match very soon. Immediate forearm exchange. Lee hits a belly-to-belly suplex into the corner. Crowd is split for this match too. Some tremendous heavy hitting from both guys as Riddle tries to out strike his challenger and fails to do so. Riddles does manage to hit a series of gutwrench suplexes. Bro 2 Sleep turned into a huge forearm by Lee. Riddle hits a Bro 2 Sleep and then a bridging German suplex for two. Huge pounce by Lee. Riddle comes back with God’s Last Gift two. Series of sentons as Riddle just uses his body to wear the big man down. Lee catches a fifth senton attempt and hits a Spirit. Riddle kicks out. That was an excellent false finish. Back to the strikes. Bro 2 Sleep and Lee shows FIGHTING SPIRIT! More huge chops by both men. Headbutt by Riddle and he literally falls on top for three.

This was two guys exchanging bombs for 15 minutes, and you can’t really argue with the inclination to do that. I liked that the main events tended to be on the shorter side because it differentiated them from the previous matches. This was more a battle of two evenly matched performers exchanging moves than what was seen in the Evolve title match. This felt like a Samoa Joe ROH title defense circa 2004. This was a fun match where Riddle was clearly dominant but the challenger still looked great in defeat. Not sure how I felt about this finish but you could certainly argue a rematch is in order as Riddle literally fell on his opponent for the win. The crowd giving the match a standing ovation and not pissing on the finish helped.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL WWN Champion-Matt Riddle/****


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