ACH vs. Tracy Williams (Evolve 87- June 25, 2017)

williams ach.jpg

This is a rematch from a very disappointing Evolve 78 match, which ACH won. ACH goes for a handshake, but Williams kicks away. Pecker tap connects. Williams almost locks in the crossface. Back suplex as things have quickly picked up. There’s already more of a sense of urgency than the previous evening. Williams hits a gordbuster on the floor. He continues to focus on ACH’s neck. Forearm exchange which Williams wins. ACH sweeps the legs, and some bad timing leads to an awkward looking dropkick. Extended flurry of offense. Williams DDTs ACH on the top rope and then connects on a dropkick. Shortly after, ACH back drops out of a piledriver attempt. German suplex and a lariat. Buster Call but Williams knees out of it. Williams blocks the Buster Call again and applies the crossface. ACH taps.

This was better than their first outing, and one would think that Tracy Williams will be receiving a title shot very soon given these two huge wins this weekend. Williams worked over the neck for much of the match and it affected ACH’s ability to use his finisher and was the reason he lost.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tracy Williams/***1/4

ACH complains about being in the first match Allen Iverson style. He thinks he’s better than being relegated to the opener.


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