Champion vs. Champion- Non-title: Matt Riddle (WWN Champion) vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (Evolve Champion) (Evolve 86- June 24, 2017)

riddle sabre.jpg

Keith Lee is the special ring announcer for whatever reason. He already challenged Sabre and will challenge Riddle the next night. The temptation with a match like this is to do a drawn out 30-60 minute “epic,” maybe even a time limit draw to protect both champions. However, the match was a swerve in two ways. They kept this short and wrestled a sprint style although much of the work was on the mat. Even more interesting, Sabre won clean and established himself as the stronger champion. Not sure what it says when you job a champion who is still trying to establish a relatively new belt but I’m glad we had a clear winner and that this turned out much better than any other match on the card. Riddle is the one who decides to get aggressive and he almost is put into the cross armbreaker. Sabre gets the European Clutch for a very long two count. Series of forearms by both men. Penalty Kick followed by a tornado DDT and a dragon suplex for two. Some pretty exciting back and forth as they go through their established offense. The fleeting moments contain some of the better counter wrestling you’ll see. Riddle hits a tombstone and goes right to the elbows. Sabre rolls through a Bromission attempt and locks in something I’ve never seen before. He basically grapevines the neck and stretches his body out. Tremendous finish.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre Jr./***1/2


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