Chris Dickinson (Evolve Tag Team Champion) vs. ACH (Evolve 86- June 24, 2017)

dickinson ach.jpg

All you need you know about the tag division of this company is the current champions have no scheduled title defenses this weekend and are strictly in singles action. There’s a feeling out process which mostly serves to establish Dickinson as the heel and ACH as the maybe too relaxed babyface. Dickinson takes the offensive advantage after a borderline low blow by ACH. ACH finally uses his speed and gets a dropkick to Dickinson’s face. Series of dives followed by the soccer kick to Dickinson’s chest. A bit of a back and forth. German suplex followed by a lariat. Dickinson no sells a lariat and hits an enziguri. Death Valley Bomb. Lariat into the Buster Call followed by the 450 splash. That gets three.

The best way to describe the pacing of this match was lethargic. They didn’t seem to use the time wisely as ACH didn’t get a lot of sustained offense until the second half of the match. It was odd to see such high energy and high intensity guys seem so relaxed for much of the contest. It took a bit too long for this match to really get going, but the second half in particular was watchable.

Winner (s)/Rating: ACH/**3/4


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