Ethan Page vs. Keith Lee (Evolve 86- June 24, 2017)

page lee.jpg

Page attacked Lee with a low blow on the last show, and naturally Lee was displeased.  Running kick swatted away and Lee goes to work. Page manages to hit a double arm backbreaker and works Lee over for a bit. Northern lariat barrels Page over. Page breaks out a springboard rana followed by a running spin kick. That was certainly something different out of Page. RKEgo and Spinning Dwayne blocked. Spinebuster from Lee and he heads up for a potential moonsault. Page powerbombs him out of the corner and then goes right into the cover for two. RKEgo hits, but that only leads to a two count. Jackhammer out of a DVD position gets three.

These two are a perfect match-up given the inherent charisma of both. Their personalities are perfectly suited for a long-term feud if that’s where Evolve wants to go. It’s worth noting Lee controlled much of the match, and Lee basically hit his one finish and got the one. At least Lee got a win before his prospective championship match the next night. Like nearly everything else on this card, this was solid and good but not a higher end Evolve matcgh.

Winner(s)/Rating: Keith Lee/***


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