Jaka (Evolve Tag Team Champion) vs. Fred Yehi (Evolve 86- June 24, 2017)

jaka yehi.jpg

My expectations are pretty high for this match because I’d argue these guys are highly underrated, yet turn in some of the more consistent performances in any company they wrestle for. Some hard strikes are delivered by both men right from the start. Yehi tries springboarding out of the corner but nails Jaka in the neck. Pretty rare to see a botch like this from these two guys. They go back to the strikes. Another botch as Jaka slips on a German suplex attempt. These two guys seem a bit lost. Jaka stays mostly on the ground but thankfully hits a pescado dive cleanly. The action felt a bit repetitive, and some time could have been shaved to make the various strikes and ground attack more effective. Yehi ranas out of the chokebomb and applies a Koji Clutch.

I liked the aggressiveness that they started off with because ACH and Dickinson certainly started off far too slowly. Given Jaka has a shot at the Evolve Championship, he absolutely should be the one winning this match. Yehi winning was just odd even if he is potentially getting a title match in a couple weeks. Jaka has zero momentum going into the title match in New York. Both matches I’ve watched from this show seem to be lacking something. This match had the notable botches, but the lack of a good crowd atmosphere is making this feel like some of those middle range Evolve shows where no one seemed to care and guys were just exchanging moves. This was a huge disappointment.

Winner (s)/Rating: Fred Yehi/**


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