Tracy Williams vs. Jason Kincaid (Evolve 86- June 24, 2017)

williams kincaid.jpg

Kincaid does an immediate leg sweep and tries to keep up with Williams on the mat. Lenny Leonard brings up the difficult evening Catch Point has had thus far. The other idea here is that Kincaid is becoming frustrated with losing and seems about ready to snap, but his meditation and lifestyle are helping him control his anger. An early feeling out process leads to Kincaid hitting a springboard armdrag followed by a clothesline to a prone Williams. The innovative offense comes fast and furious. Williams of course takes things to the ground. DDT by Williams on the top rope. Brainbuster as he conters more of what Kincaid was trying to do. Kincaid comes back with a chinbreaker. Tornado DDT into the slingshot falcon arrow. HE DID THE DEAL! To the submission but Williams squirms out. Kincaid stuns Williams across the top rope and ends up on the floor. Double stomp misses and Williams immediately applies the crossface for the win.

This wasn’t as good as some of Kincaid’s outings in the style battle from a few weeks ago, but this was a solid match overall with Williams grinding victories out by being the more aggressive wrestler and also being smarter.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tracy Williams/***


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