Trent Baretta vs. Austin Theory(Evolve 87- June 25, 2017)

baretta theory.jpg

Theory has been a mixed bag, but the guy is 19-years-old, so he’s in a really good position given where he is and the quality of his opponents. Baretta has been having a low key great year in a number of promotions as both a singles and tag team wrestler.

This was a clear veteran versus younger wrestler match with Baretta being the smarter of the two and making fewer mistakes. Theory gets a lot of chances to showcase his athleticism and power. Match goes outside where Theory gets a bit too cocky. He ends up being piledriven on the floor. Gotch piledriver back inside. Theory still kicks out. Theory hits a release suplex on the apron. Bucklebomb into a neckbreaker across the knee. Baretta loses his balance going to the top rope but hits an overhead suplex anyway. Busaiku knee gets two. Crunchie/Dudebuster gets three. Great work here.

The idea of this match was sound. Baretta was the better wrestler, but Theory is rapidly ascending. I don’t expect Baretta to be a WWN regular, but this is a perfect use of him. Having him wrestle younger roster members can only help them in their development given Baretta’s WWE background. In some ways, this was similar to Sabre and Jaka but from a development standpoint, this was huge for Theory.

Winner (s)/Rating: Trent Baretta/***3/4    

Theory shows his frustration with losing by attacking Baretta at the urging of Priscella Kelly.


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