AAW Heritage Championship: Trevor Lee vs. Penta El Zero M (c) (AAW Killers Among Us- June 17, 2017)

lee penta.jpg

Not sure who to blame but this was a monumental disappointment. Penta can have good matches with the right opponent and right circumstance. Despite Lee’s heel turn, he’s still turning in the same lack of effort that he’s been giving in this company. There’s way too many guys who should be in Lee’s spot right now. You’ve got guys in multi-mans and six mans who would kill to be in this spot, and Lee is consistently having **1/2-**3/4 matches on a show-by-show basis. Penta is incredibly over, but his title defenses have been incredibly disappointing for the most part. This is my least favorite 2017 AAW match…easily. Penta overcomes a hold of the tights and a low blow to hit a Destroyer and package piledriver for the win.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL AAW Heritage Champion- Penta El M Zero/*


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